Three Names: Same Author

Don't worry, I don't have multiple personalities. Different disorder.


Eugene Uttley

Author of The Boon

Eugene Uttley is the author of all three books. Doesn't he look dashing here in his full beard? When this photo was taken, Uttley was at the end of a full year of untreated psychosis. His sock hat reads, "How many licks does it take?"


Arthur Thomas Morton

Author of Way Out

The publisher-assigned editor of Way Out thought that if the book was authored by its main character, it was obvious that it had a happy ending. She wanted more of a cliffhanger ending. So Arthur Thomas Morton came into being.


Daniel C. Julian

Author of The Diamond Grenade

The original idea behind using the name Daniel C. Julian for The Diamond Grenade was to keep the fiction distinct from the non-fiction. As it turns out, though, readers of the non-fiction seem the most likely to turn then to the fiction as well. So the veil of secrecy lifts!